Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a vital tool for any online publisher. In this section, we’ve cultivated helpful articles that cover the techie side of setting up your Google Analytics tags to courses and other resources that will help you conquer the Google Analytics dashboard and reports.

How to Use Google Tag Assistant to Check Google Analytics Tags

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Not sure if your Google Analytics tags are working correctly? This step-by-step guide to using Google’s Tag Assistant website to help you detect and analyze which Google tags are currently active on your site and to troubleshoot issues with the tags.

How To Set Up GA4

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GA4 is the future of Google Analytics. This article helps walk you through the steps for creating a GA4 property for your website and provides links to directions for adding the GA4 tags to your site).

Figuring out how a Google Analytics Tag is being added to your site

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If you’re not sure how or where your Google Analytics code has been added to your WordPress site, this article will help you track it down.

How to Add GA4 to Your Site via the Site Kit Plugin

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If you’re already using the Site Kit plugin to connect your sites to Universal Analytics (UA), this makes it the logical choice to also add the GA4 tag to your site. This article walks you through how to do just that.

How to Add GA4 to Your Site via the MonsterInsights Plugin

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If you’re currently using the MonsterInsights plugin to ad the Universal Analytics (UA) tag to your site, this blog article will walk you through the steps to add the GA4 tag using this same plugin.

How to Add GA4 to Your Site by Editing an Existing Code Snippet

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If your existing Universal Analytics (UA) tag code has been added with a “code snippet” in your theme settings or a snippet plugin like Code Snippets or WPCode, this article will guide you in adding Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to the existing code.

GA4 Setup for a website or app (new website)

Google Analytics Help

Directions straight from Google that cover how to set up a GA4 property for a new website or app.

How to set up Google Analytics 4

Raptive Support

This support article from AdThrive covers our recommended method of adding a GA4 tag to your site alongside an already existing Univeral Analytics (UA) tag.

GA4: Going Beyond the Setup

SEO for Publishers Webinar, Episode 33

In this episode of the Top Hat hosted webinar, our experts took you beyond the initial setup of Google Analytics 4 and dove deeper into the advanced features and capabilities of this powerful analytics platform.

Google Analytics 4: Where to Find Total Sessions

Top Hat Rank Blog

This guide describes how Sessions are calculated differently in GA4 versus UA and shows you where to find your total sessions metrics in GA4.

Google Analytics 4: How to Find Page Views

Top Hat Rank Blog

In around six steps, this guide will help you learn how to find page views in your GA4 reports.

Google Analytics 4: How to Find New Users

Top Hat Rank Blog

In this step-by-step guide (just ten steps), learn how to find New Users in Google Analytics 4, which you can use to find and identify where New Users are coming from, by traffic source.

Google Analytics (Paid Course)

Food Blogger Pro Course

This paid course will go over what Google Analytics is, how to get started with GA, as well as advanced topics like understanding reports and how to extract meaningful data about your website from the reports.

Unscramble Your Stats (Paid eBook Course)

Wander Cooks ebook course

This ebook course, made specifically for food bloggers, can help you harness your analytics and make informed decisions to improve your traffic and reader experience. Learn everything you need to know about Universal Analytics and GA4 explicitly tailored for food blogs!