Hear are just a few of our satisfied clients.

Elise Bauer

“Running a website can be a tricky, complicated business. So many things can go wrong, especially on the tech side. When we have a technical issue that we just can’t figure out, we call NerdPress.”

David Lebovitz

“NerdPress is trustworthy, responsible, and responsive. They’ve helped me with various aspects of my blog, from hosting issues to providing backups and security. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for someone who will take even better care of your blog than you!”

Jessica Hylton-Leckie
Jessica in the Kitchen

“One of the best business decisions I made last year was signing up with NerdPress. The customer service has really been top notch, and I genuinely feel like I have the tech support I need for my site. It doesn’t matter how little or how small, NerdPress has handled it for me, or walked me through it step by step. It’s been amazing feeling appreciated as a client, and I look forward to continued support with their team!”

Tess Masters

“The NerdPress team manages all of my websites, and they are incredible. Knowing they have my back and are keeping my data safe and secure gives me such peace of mind so that I can focus on growing my business.

“The knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail is extraordinary. And their super-quick response time makes me feel like I am their only client. Thank you for making online business so much easier for me.”

Melissa Lanz

“I struggled with site maintenance for years until I switched to NerdPress. They optimized my site and took care of pesky speed issues. My site is faster and safer than it has ever been before. And the team gets an A+ for responsiveness and problem solving.”

Shani Whisonant
Begin With Butter Logo

“Hi NerdPress Family,

“I know that this mailbox is tended by many people, and for that I am eternally grateful. You all are an all-star team and I’m honored that you serve my little business with such efficiency, speed and care.

“This is a message of gratitude for the service that NerdPress provides to my business. I am able to focus on the important part of my business — being creative with food — and not have to worry about things like site security. Every person that I’ve dealt with at NerdPress has been nothing short of stellar, and I am wowed every time I reach out with how nice they are to me (I’m not tech-savvy at all).

“Thank you, Andrew and team, so much. Working with NerdPress has truly given me peace of mind about my site and business!”

Meggan Hill
Culinary Hill

“How did I try to run a blog pre-NerdPress? I have no idea. I don’t know how I’d survive without them. Their Inner Peace plan is exactly that – inner peace. And I had WP Engine before, so I wasn’t exactly slumming it (it costs more than their plan, BTW). But having a personalized TECH TEAM? It’s just the best.

“Now when someone says ‘You need to ask your website administrator about that,’ I have someone to email. And I never have to deal with any of it ever again. 🙂 THEY’RE THE BEST!

“Please email me anytime with questions or if you want to know more. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The only thing I’m left wondering is – why did I wait so long to hire them?!

Holly Nilsson
Spend With Pennies

Hiring NerdPress has been the best money I’ve spent all year. They have great attention to detail and a quick response time to help keep my site running smoothly. I love that they take care of all of the ‘tech stuff,’ allowing me to really focus on the things that matter to my readers!”

Michelle Tam
Nom Nom Paleo

“I’m so happy and delighted to be a NerdPress client! As someone who knows little to nothing about the technical side of blogging, I sleep well at night knowing that the super-sharp team is keeping watch over my site and proactively fixing things if anything breaks. They’re also super-responsive whenever I have an issue!”

Lauren Allen
Tastes Better from Scratch Logo

I have been working with NerdPress since 2017, and I can’t say enough good things about their team and the services the offer. Every person I’ve interacted with at NerdPress is extremely knowledgeable and they are always kind, which goes a long way with me.

They understand my business needs, goals, and they go above and beyond to make sure my site is working smoothly behind the scenes. I get so much peace of mind knowing I have a team of people that are always available to help with tech-related issues. This peace of mind allows me to focus more intently on the creative side of running my website.

They have become an invaluable part of my business and I highly recommend working with them!

Neil Lockier
Neil's Healthy Meals

“I was becoming overwhelmed and stressed out trying to deal with the many technical aspects of running a website, creating quality content as well as working at a full time day job until I was introduced to Andrew.

“Now, if I have a technical issue or question, I know where I can go to. The team keeps my site running smoothly, and they explain everything perfectly and in clear non-technical jargon. There are a lot of cowboys out there on the web willing to take your money for poor service and advice. Not NerdPress. It’s essential to have someone looking after my site that’s completely trustworthy, honest and obviously passionate about what they do.

“If you’re running a website and just want to concentrate on the parts you enjoy, I couldn’t recommend NerdPress more.”

Kate Ramos
¡Hola Jalapeño!

“Signing up for NerdPress service is honestly the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Extraordinarily helpful team, fast, responsive, and able to solve any problem. Super-friendly and extremely knowledgeable. It’s no joke when they say you are getting the ‘Inner Peace‘ plan. Can’t recommend them enough!”

Toni Dash
Boulder Locavore

“Andrew began maintaining my site a few years ago following an SEO audit. I’d spoken with him before and he was always gracious, professional and helpful. After making many improvements to my site, he and his team has continued to keep it in tip-top shape.

“Their technical knowledge is deep and broad. I value that they’re on the leading edge of the changes on the internet to best advise how to continue to improve the performance and security of my website.

“I trust their expertise completely. They’re quick to address an issue and they explain the situation in plain English so I understand the issue and impact. Something that sets NerdPress apart is their care. Andrew and his team truly care about their clients, the quality of their work and creating the best solutions. I feel so fortunate to have them on my website team.

Marisa Moore
Marisa Moore

“Knowing NerdPress is on the job gives me incredible peace of mind. They stay on top of industry standards and all the little & big things that pop up with plugins, SEO best practices, and more. They are a wealth of knowledge and I’ve felt generously supported since my first interaction with Andrew over three years ago. Highly recommend!”

Robin Jaffin & Dédé Wilson
FODMAP Everyday Logo

“We LOVE LOVE LOVE NerdPress! Absolutely our best investment as a business.

“Andrew who owns it is hands-down one of the best tech people out there – and he’s grown a business that reflects his ethics, his generosity, commitment to quality, and his awesome skills. We could not imagine doing this without him and his team – who are SUPER responsive and proactive.

“RUN don’t walk…. sign up!”

Kurt Schmidt
Inside the Magic Logo

“I want to thank everyone at NerdPress and Agathon for all you have done to help Inside the Magic’s website run faster and become more stable. It was only two weeks ago that I was with my old hosting provider and didn’t yet have the support of NerdPress. The visitors to my website these last few days would have likely overwhelmed it, if not for the efforts you all put in to get us to this point.

Yesterday was our busiest day of traffic in our history with 3 million pageviews and a whopping 1.7 million of those coming to a single article. Additionally these last three days is the first time we’ve ever had 3 consecutive days of 1 million plus pageviews back to back to back. This is beyond any traffic levels I’m used to and seeing the website still able to hold up so well is incredibly impressive.

“THANK YOU from all of us here at Inside the Magic. We truly appreciate everything you have done.”

Marwin Brown
Food Fidelity Logo

“I’m a creative and want to create 24/7 without any thoughts about all the technical stuff that comes with running a website/blog. The single best investment I made was signing on with NerdPress. The team is highly responsive, proactive in helping me optimize my site, and best of all provides me the peace of mind to focus on the things I enjoy and value.

Alia & Radwa
Food Dolls logo

“I wish we would have found NerdPress sooner into our website launch. NerdPress has been a game-changer for us.

“Andrew and the team are top notch — quick response and so helpful to all our questions. Look no further, you won’t regret it! Worth every penny knowing our site is taken care of at all times.

Marta Rivera Diaz
Sense and Edibility Logo

“There’s a reason I’m a chef, not a website designer. The NerdPress team has repeatedly proven that they have the technical skills and know-how so that I can leave my site in their hands with confidence, and they do so with great customer service and professionalism, which means I don’t feel like I’m a bother. Now I can focus on what I’m good at, which is creating recipes.

Andrea Geddes
The Cooking Collective Logo

“I love creating recipes, but have always struggled with the more technical aspect of my website. Tech issues, site speed, and updates were constantly taking precious time away from where I needed to focus my energy the most: Content creation.

“Enter, NerdPress! Everyone on the wonderful team is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, super-efficient and truly cares about my site as much as I do. Now, everything else is taken care of and I have peace of mind to focus on what I do best. They are hands-down the best investment I have made in my growing site. Thank you, NerdPress!”

Carrie Vitt
Deliciously Organic

“Thank you again for all of your hard work to build the store and favorites pages. It all went off without a hitch and people are happy! You are so easy to work with and I really appreciate how you go above and beyond.

Lisa Leake
100 Days of Real Food

“I can’t explain how happy I am to finally get some techy help…it is by far better than therapy!

Wajeeha Nadeem
I Knead to Eat

I just want to say that I’m so glad that I decided to get NerdPress. I’m loving all the detailed emails before each and every change, and all the thorough explanations your whole team provides with each change.

Probably one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my blog!  🙂

Hank Shaw
Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

“Andrew and the team at NerdPress are what you need in a ‘tech guy’ when you are a creative person trying to make a living with a website. They are accessible, and will tell you what you need to do, not what you want to hear. They recommended a particular plugin, one where implementation would take me several weeks’ worth of grunt work. I did it, and my traffic *immediately* increased significantly — the biggest jump in years, in a season that’s normally quiet. Thanks, NerdPress!”

Monica Bhide
Monica Bhide

“NerdPress provides a service that is invaluable. I cannot tell you how much their quiet reassurance helped me cope with the site disaster. They not only fixed the current issues, but also helped me figure out how to make the site safe for future use.”

Wendy Braitman
Wendy Braitman

“Andrew not only solves all the technical issues of my blog, he does so in an elegant, stylish way. He embodies both form and function.”

Jocelyn Delk Adams
Grandbaby Cakes

“NerdPress has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. For the past few years, Andrew and his team have done an incredible job at making sure my website runs flawlessly and securely.

Now I can concentrate on creating the best content and service for my audience while they handle all technical issues with ease.”

Amie Valpone
Amie Valpone

“I’ve been working with NerdPress since 2014 and I am constantly amazed at how smart they are and how great they are to work with. They genuinely care about their clients’ best interests and have a wonderful way of explaining everything.

“I recommend them to anyone looking to sleep well at night, knowing their site is safe and protected. They’re the best I’ve ever worked with and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. Thank you, NerdPress, for everything — you have helped make my business a success and I am so grateful for you!”

Yumna Jawad
Feel Good Foodie

“I’m so happy that I upgraded to the Inner Peace plan…I already feel like I have more inner peace with this and not sure why it took me two and half years!

“Thanks so much for all you do and for all your team’s help with my inquiries. I really appreciate it!”

Debs Thompson
Salted Mint

“Thanks so much for everything. It’s already made such a difference to my site’s speed!

“You guys have been absolutely awesome! The speed and efficiency with which you’ve taken care of all the website nitty gritty that so many of us are way too intimidated to even touch has been so comforting.”

Rebecca Swanner
Let's Eat Cake

“The NerdPress team is not only friendly, responsible, and responsive, they’ve made changes to my blog that have massively improved its speed and usability. Since working with them, my posts rank much higher on Google and my traffic has TRIPLED!

“If you’re looking for someone easy to work with who will get results and who is there to help when emergency situations arise, I can’t recommend NerdPress enough.”

Jonathan Becker
Theater-Masks.Com Logo

“Andrew developed my website and we have been working together now for over 20 years. Without his dedicated help and expertise I would have no business at all. I cannot imagine a better person to have as a partner in this internet thing!! He is an amazing person, brilliant at what he does and incredibly easy to work with.”

Stephanie Stiavetti
Fearless Fresh

“Andrew has saved my butt more times than I can count. Like the time my ‘premium’ host went postal, which borched my database and ate a bunch of my blog posts. Then it happened a second time, and Andrew was instrumental in getting my site onto a new host without any downtime. He’s saved me from countless panic attacks, and I can’t thank him enough.

Kathy Berget
Beyond the Chicken Coop

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been with you for a year now and I am so happy I joined NerdPress.

“For years I tried to do it all myself, but there was so much I had difficulty with. I would often hold my breath and dive in to tackle a change or an issue. Sometimes it would take me hours to figure it out. Now I have a sense of relief that I have someone (or a team of someones) looking out for me and I am able to focus on creating content for my blog!

“Your team has been amazing and always professional and helpful. Their response is quick and they often offer additional tips and help.

“I appreciate all you and your team do. Keep up the good work!”

Amanda Mason
Recipes Worth Repeating

“I have been in the IT field for 13 years and I have worked with a lot of talented developers and architects, but Andrew is hands-down the absolute best webmaster I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. The level of detail and communication he provides with his technical support, consulting, and development is top-notch.

“I was about to shut down my personal food blog when I was introduced to Andrew and advised that he can fix my issues. He stepped in and helped me get a better setup in place. With their automatic backups and Sleep Soundly package in place, I never worry about my site anymore. It’s fully optimized and growing like it never has before. NerdPress is the absolute BEST in this space and if you need website tech support, you’ve found it. Amazing over-the-top customer service… NerdPress is just the best!”

Vaishali Honawar
Holy Cow Vegan

My blog is working great now, and I am amazed at how fast it is. It is such a relief to have someone who really knows what they are doing. I really appreciate how responsive you’ve been through this process. Thank you!”

Sally Cameron
A Food Centric Life

“Holy smokes, you are amazing. Thank you! I should have come to you a LONG time ago….”

Catherine Enfield
Munchie Musings

“Andrew was my savior! After I lost access to my blog, Andrew was quick to help on such short notice. He was able to look at settings, offer suggestions, and walk me through. I’ve always taken the easy route and don’t understand the complexities of settings, code, etc. like he does. I’m so thankful that Andrew was able to help me out in my time of need.”

Stephanie Manley
CopyKat Recipes

“Signing up with you a few years back was one of the best things I have done for my blog. I really appreciate you!”

Jill Nussinow
The Veggie Queen

“You have gone above and beyond. I love that you are responsive and responsible. Not everyone is.”

Cheyanne Holzworth
No Spoon Necessary

“I was having terrible problems with my hosting company and was becoming stressed trying to fix all the errors on the back-end of my web site. I was referred to Andrew by a friend and immediately knew NerdPress was the answer to my technical blogging woes! Andrew is professional, honest, intelligent, super-responsive, and explained things in a way that didn’t go completely over my head.

“They migrated my site to a new server seamlessly and fixed all the plug-in errors within 24 hours. They went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. I honestly can’t say enough kind things about them! If you are looking for a knowledgeable and professional tech team, I highly recommend hiring NerdPress!”

Julie Rosenthal

“WOW!!! I just checked my site and everything is SO fast! The speed is remarkable! I can’t even believe it! This is amazing!!!! Like miraculous!

“I cannot thank you enough! Thank you SO much for doing this. I feel like you have gone above and beyond. I am so so so grateful to have you!!!!! Nothing but good vibes and kindness! Thank you!”

Carrie Forrest
Clean Eating Kitchen

“Andrew helped me with all of the nitty-gritty technical details of moving my site to a new domain, plus getting everything fixed on the SEO-front. He’s extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and great to work with. I highly recommend!”

Haley Davis
Brewing Happiness

“Andrew is an incredibly skilled, professional, and responsive developer. He is always prompt in his technical support and consultation. He is detailed and patient with me when I have questions. I am so thankful that I found this service – it affords me tons of piece of mind. I subscribed to the Sleep Soundly package, and I don’t think I’ll ever look back. They have implemented services that I should have had all along, and I feel so much better knowing I can turn to the team with any/all questions. My site is in good hands with NerdPress, and for that I will forever be grateful.”

Julie Carlyle
Thermo Kitchen

“It’s time for my annual renewal for your service, and I wanted to tell you how happy I am to have found NerdPress. The last twelve months have been the best of my blogging life (10 years).

“Being able to call on your team when things go wrong has been a load off my mind. Happily, due to NerdPress not very much has gone wrong, and that’s a credit to you. (So many of my friends’ sites have been decimated by Gutenberg, etc…) So I just thought I would say thanks!”

Katie Trant
Hey Nutrition Lady

“Thanks for all you do! Signing up for your services is still one of the best investments I’ve made so far. I’m seeing growth slowly but steadily, and I’m certain all the work you’ve done has played a part in that.”

Liz Schmitt
Liz the Chef

“You are my best ‘investment’ — thanks again.”

Patricia Bannan, MS, RDN
Patricia Bannan

“Andrew and his team deliver above and beyond on everything — I’d rate them 10 out of 5 stars! They are truly experts in their field, proactive, timely, and a delight to work with.

“I was in such a stressful situation with sub-optimal website performance and vendors and NerdPress turned it all around. They also created a team of experts for me in other areas where I needed help. I can’t say enough great things about NerdPress!”