WordPress support that feels like family.

Your website should empower you to build a better life, and we’re here to help make it happen. With our WordPress support plans, you’ll…

  • Stop stressing about your site
  • Have a faster, more reliable website
  • Ace those Core Web Vitals scores
  • Partner with an expert team who has your back
  • Enjoy more time doing what you love
Melissa and Kingston — happy NerdPress family since 2020
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Taking the frustration out of running a WordPress site

Whether you’re a blogger, a solopreneur, or a small business, when your website goes down, income stops. Our WordPress Support Plans free you from website anxiety so you can do what you’re best at: running your business.

We’ll take care of ongoing tech tasks such as speeding up your website, managing your backups, securing your site to keep hackers out, and rolling back the clock if anything breaks your site.

Our top two plans offer even more. We’ll keep your site up to date, fix any problem caused by updates, monitor your site 24/7, and optimize all of your images (which speeds up your website even more and makes Google very happy!).

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Like a trusty guard dog, we protect and respond.

We start with automatic backups, security scanning, and a true firewall so your site will be safe and secure. Next, we add in WordPress Core and Plugin updates to keep everything running smoothly. And if an update breaks anything, we’ll fix it — probably before you even know there was a hiccup.

You no longer have to worry about hackers, broken plugins, or losing all of your hard work.

Our top plans even include “Quick Support” to help you with those little tech questions that always seem to pop up. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

All our WordPress Support Plans include:

SEO & User Experience

Core Web Vitals Optimization

Our expert team uses sophisticated tools and techniques to get your site into the “Good” range on all three metrics for both Mobile and Desktop, with particular attention to your most important pages.

After that, if things need adjusting as your site grows, we’ll jump back in as needed, at no extra cost.

Take No Chances

Nightly Backups

Never worry about accidentally deleting a file or getting hacked again! We use two separate backup services (just to be extra safe) and store them for three months. If your website breaks, we can have your site restored in minutes.

Beat the Hackers

Daily Security Scanning

Getting hacked is everyone’s worst nightmare. We’ll audit your site and fix any vulnerabilities, secure it with an Cloudflare’s Enterprise-grade firewall — including custom rules tailored to our clients’ sites — and scan your site every day for signs of hacking. If anything comes up, we’ll jump in to fix it right away.

Help When You Need It Most

Restore and Recovery

If your website ever does get hacked or if you accidentally break your site, we can have it restored within minutes. No drama, no panic. Simple as that!

Speed and Security

Cloudflare Logo

Enterprise-Grade Security and Performance with Cloudflare

All our plans include Cloudflare Enterprise, which is their highest tier of service and support. This includes Cloudflare’s robust firewall and DDoS protection (custom configured for our clients’ specific needs), caching all resources on your domain at their 275+ worldwide datacenters (including proper HTML page caching!), Argo Smart Routing with Smart Tiered Caching to ensure maximum speed and availability, and more.

Our Top Support Plans add:

Help with Everything

Quick-Support Requests

Email support for single questions or tasks, such as recommending or installing a plugin, uploading a file to your server, tweaking a font size or other style setting, creating or adjusting widgets, and so on. Learn more.

Stay Updated

Critical Updates

Never stress about updating your site again. We’ll take care of plugin and WordPress Core updates, and if anything breaks we’ll get it fixed (usually before you even realize something went wrong).

Speed & Performance

Image Optimization

The majority of site data is typically images. We’ll optimize all of your images, speeding up your website even more (and make Google very happy!).

Stay Online

24-7 Uptime Monitoring

We’ll ping your site every 60 seconds, 24-hours a day. If your site ever goes down, you’ll know it immediately.

* Quick-Support Requests are advice or tasks that take up to 15-minutes to complete. They cannot be combined into larger projects and do not roll over from month to month.

Which plan is right for me?

Great question! We’ve got three plans to choose from:

Sleep Soundly

The Essentials

Cover the bases of site speed and security while you’re building your business.

We’ll ensure your site is secure, backed up, and aces Core Web Vitals  — but you’ll still need to take care of a few things yourself.

Up to 750K pageviews/month

Inner Peace

Advanced Support & Management

Get more time to do what you love, as we take a more active role.

We’ll also take care of your WordPress updates, image optimization, uptime monitoring, and helping you via Quick Support Requests.

Up to 3 million pageviews/month

Zen Master

VIP Support

Be at the very top of our priority list, with unlimited & more proactive support.

We understand that the stakes are even higher for your site, so you’ll get faster, unlimited support to help with all your specific needs.

Up to 6 million pageviews/month

Over 6 million pageviews/month? Let’s talk.

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Ready to join the family?

Then take then next step! Compare plan details, see pricing options, and sign up for one of our WordPress Support Plans. We’ll handle your tedious, stressful technical issues so you can spend more time doing what you love.