SEO Resources for Publishers

by Heather Wilkins and the NerdPress Team

A couple of years ago, my family got into a big (friendly) debate over whether chili should include beans or not. We turned to the internet for help answering this burning question. Our searches yielded mixed results and differing opinions on the matter, with no conclusive answer or winner in our argument.

SEO is not unlike cooking. You’ll find a wealth of different opinions on how things should be done. The team at NerdPress collaborates closely with publishers, SEO Experts, ad networks, and developers, sharing knowledge and insights gained over many cumulative years of experience. Though we’re technical rather than SEO experts, through our collaborations, we’ve accumulated a library of cultivated SEO resources for publishers that we want to share with you. Because, sometimes, a Google search can lead to more confusion than answers.

General & Traffic SEO

General SEO Resources

The best resources for SEO advice and news.

Google Analytics

From getting started with Google Analytics to digging into data about your website, these resources have you covered.

Google Search Console

Info on getting started analyzing traffic changes in Search Console.


Tips and tools for understanding Google updates and analyzing traffic changes.

Keyword Research & Content Planning

Find out what content you should create for your readers.

Link Building

Uncovering the mysteries behind inbound and outbound links.

Google Discover

Find out what Google Discover is and how to optimize your content for it.


Learn what sitemaps are, how they’re good for SEO, and how to submit them to search engines.


Tips to avoid taking your SEO too far.

Misc. SEO

Is a .com or .net domain better? How to optimize landing pages for SEO? Tips on this and more in our miscellaneous SEO section.

Content SEO

Headings, FAQs, and Content Organization

Learn about SEO best practices for headings plus other content elements like FAQ.


From nofollow to internal linking, what you need to know about links.

Updating, Republishing & Deleting Content

Why, when, and how to update, republish, and delete old content.

Information Architecture

How to organize your site’s categories and content for better SEO.


All about how to properly optimize your images for site speed and SEO.

Video Optimization

Learn about options for hosting videos and optimization best practices.


Google uses E-E-A-T as a signal of high-quality content, which we know is king. Learn more about Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust with these articles.

Technical SEO and Page Experience


Tips for crafting an SEO-friendly URL structure for your site.


Learn what breadcrumbs are, why they’re important for SEO, and how to implement them.

Noindex Tags

Learn what noindex tags are and when you should use them.


A collection of resources that explain what accessibility is and ways to make your website accessible and ADA compliant.

Page Experience

Tips and info about the Google Page Experience ranking factor, including articles about Core Web Vitals.

User Experience

Design best practices for providing a user-friendly website experience for your visitors.

More Coming Soon!

We’re updating and adding these resources often, so bookmark this page and come back soon!