“Featured In” Banner Installation


You provide the collage graphic, and we’ll set it up for you. Please read the details below before purchasing!

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Show off your “Expertise, Authority, and Trust” with a “Featured In” graphic in your footer and sidebar!

Most themes aren’t set up to be able to put a sitewide footer graphic in place, so it takes a bit of extra code to add this in.

You’ll provide the collage graphics, and then we’ll optimize your images for speed and then install them on your site — making sure they’re compatible with WP Rocket’s “Lazy Load” feature, so it won’t slow things down.

For the graphics, we recommend you create two images. Both should be in PNG format with a transparent background (or a color that matches your site’s background). For the sidebar, we recommend 450px wide (by however tall you want). For the footer, we recommend 800px wide, by 200-300px tall — this way it will look good on both mobile and desktop.

Please Note: This add-on service is available only for subscribers of our Sleep Soundly WordPress Support Plan. If you’re on our Inner Peace or Zen Master plan, we can set this up for no extra charge as one of your monthly Quick Support Requests.