Domain Change


Need to change your domain? Let us help!

Please Note: This service is available only to current subscribers of our WordPress Support Plans.



We generally recommend avoiding changing your site’s domain.  However, there may be some times when you have no choice. In that case, the most important thing is to make sure the change is done properly, to minimize the impacts as much as possible.

We’ll take care of the following:

  1. Work with you and your host to get your new domain working for your site.
  2. Change the settings so your site starts using the new domain.
  3. Redirect the old domain to the new domain, making sure all variations (including old permalinks) redirect with just one hop, rather than a chain of redirects
  4. Do a search & replace in your database, to update hardcoded links to the new domain. ( This ensures internal links don’t need to go through a redirect.)
  5. Help you file a “Change of Address” with Google, to help it catch up as quickly as possible.
  6. Help guide you through the process of changing your Google Analytics setup and email accounts, if necessary.