Image Optimization


Optimize your images and speed up your site!

Please Note: This service is available only to current subscribers of our WordPress Support Plans, and is already included in Inner Peace and Zen Master subscriptions that started after November 15, 2017.

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With this service, we’ll install and configure the ShortPixel image optimization plugin and batch process all of your existing images.

We love ShortPixel because it just works so darn well. It can scale down large images (height & width) as well as compress them further — and has an “undo” function, so if you don’t like how an image looks, you can easily revert… and, most importantly, in our tests of the various image optimization tools, it’s compressed images better than others, and still had better image quality.

We’ll determine the best settings for your site, and then send you optimized sample images for your approval – and make recommendations of how best to proceed. Once you confirm you like the results, we’ll then batch process all your existing images (using our ShortPixel account) – which can result in file size reductions of up to 90%! This will speed up your site significantly.

After we’re done with the batch process and everything looks good, we’ll help you set up your own ShortPixel account for new images. Their free account lets you optimize up to 100 images each month, so that any new images you upload will also be automatically optimized. (If you need more than that moving forward, you may need to purchase a monthly plan from them. Most folks are good with their $5/month plan.)