Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a powerful tool with reports to help you make sure your site is healthy in the eyes of Google. It can also provide insights into what’s working on your site and what’s not as well as act as a source of info to analyze traffic changes. It’s a must-use tool for every publisher.

Getting Started with Google Search Console

SEO for Publishers Webinar, Episode 17

Learn how to start using the valuable insights offered by Google Search Console to see what’s working and what’s not. The panelists discuss the difference between warnings and errors and how to analyze changes in traffic over time.

About Search Console

Search Console Help Docs

Just getting started with Search Console? This documentation from the team at Google helps explain what Search Console is, who should use it, and how to get started using this powerful tool.

Most Common Google Search Console Errors

SEO for Publishers Webinar, Episode 22

Some GSC errors are certainly more serious than others and require immediate attention and warranted stress; while other errors can be quickly fixed and require minimal-to-no stress. Wondering which ones deserve your immediate attention and which ones can be de-prioritized? This webinar answers that and more as panelists explain what specific GSC errors mean and provide solutions.

Google Search Console (Paid Course)

Food Blogger Pro Course

This premium course from Food Blogger Pro will give you a fundamental understanding of this tool including how to navigate the reports, understand errors, and make changes to strengthen your site’s presence on Google.