Updating, Republishing & Deleting Content

Should you update and republish old content or delete it? Which old content is worthy of a refresh and how should it be optimized? It can definitely be worthwhile to spend time updating and republishing content. Check out the articles below for the answers to these questions about updating content.

Why You Should Republish Content as a Food Blogger

Food Blogger Pro Blog

Part one of the Republishing Content Series covers the whys and hows of updating and republishing your content as a food blogger.

How to Identify Posts to Update and Republish as a Food Blogger

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Part two of the Republishing Content Series will help you pinpoint the best content to update and republish.

What to Update When Republishing Content as a Food Blogger

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The final article in the Republishing Content Series digs into how to actually republish a post, some key areas to consider updating, and more.

Optimize – Making Old Content Better, Building Authority, and Understanding the Impact of Your Optimizations

Food Blogger Pro Podcast

All about optimizing content and understanding the impact of your optimizations with Casey Markee. Casey also discusses if it’s ok to delete and noindex content and when you should consider this route.

Juicing the Low Hanging Fruit and Getting the Most Value from the Existing Content on Your Blog

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This article talks about specific ways to improve your old content by figuring out what’s missing, checking analytics, adding internal links, and more.

Should I Remove Content

Feast Design Co. blog

Helpful info about deleting content based on a Facebook post by Casey Markee from Mediawyse.

Google SEO Mythbusting: Is More Content Better?

Search Engine Journal

Google’s Martin Splitt and Lily Ray of Path Interactive set out to find out if more content is better for SEO.

Google Has Two Types of Crawling – Discovery & Refresh

Search Engine Journal

Learn about the two types of Google crawling and how updating can affect crawl rates of your content.

Google: Avoid Change URLs Unless You Really Have To

Search Engine Roundtable

Considering changing your post URL while making content updates? Find out why Google says it’s a “don’t”.

URL Changes Are Not So Simple for Google Search

Search Engine Land

According to John Mueller at Google, URL changes, even if done properly, can take several months for Google to fully process.

How to Update Seasonal Content

SEO for Publishers Webinar, Episode 26

With over 38 questions asked during Q&A, this webinar is FULL of information about how to update your seasonal content.

Recipe Update Checklist

Feast Plugin tool/feature

The Feast Plugin includes a recipe update checklist tool/feature that can help you streamline your recipe update process and avoid having to make multiple rounds of edits on the same post.

Republishing Content (Paid Course)

Food Blogger Pro Course

This paid course will help you dig into updating and republishing your content to make your previously published posts stronger and more optimized.