Talking Security with Bjork from Food Blogger Pro

Secure Your Food Blog - Food Blogger Pro Podcast

Bjork Ostrom and the team at Food Blogger Pro recently started a podcast, and he invited me on to talk about website security for today’s episode.

I’ve been listening to the earlier episodes of the podcast — and finding it tremendously valuable. I’ll listen as I walk our dog, and it seems every time I’ll come home with a new insight, or an important addition for my “to do” list, or some other tip to improve my sites and social media work.

In today’s episode, we covered lots of very un-sexy topics, like backups, passwords, and two-factor authentication. All the stuff that’s super-duper important for your site, but nobody really wants to deal with (except for me, apparently!).

In this interview, I share:

  • The two most important things you can do for your blog’s security.
  • How databases work and why you need to back them up.
  • My recommended tools for your website backups.
  • Whether or not you should use your hosting company’s backups.
  • Why you should use a password manager.
  • Why you should update your WordPress software and plugins.
  • What two-factor authentication is and why you should be using it.
  • How I help webmasters keep their websites live and secure all the time.

You can listen to the episode below — or get it on iTunes (and then you can get all the other excellent episodes, too!).

They’ve also shared the transcript here, and if you have any questions about the security strategies or other tools that we discussed, leave a comment below!


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