Sleep Soundly Updates Add-On

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Please Note: This add-on service is available only to current subscribers of our “Sleep Soundly” WordPress Support Plan.


Which site will we be updating?

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Hate running updates on your site?  Always worried they’re going to break something, and you won’t know how to fix it?

Let us take care of updates for you!

Why update?

Outdated software is the #1 way that websites get hacked. Once vulnerabilities are discovered — and then fixed in an update — hackers will know how to take advantage of that vulnerability on outdated sites. So, keeping up to date is critical to the security of your site.

Additionally, if you wait too long to update and “leapfrog” a whole bunch of releases every so often, it increases the likelihood that something will go wrong during the update. So in order to keep your site running smoothly, it’s best to update regularly.

Please note

This add-on includes updates for:

  • Plugins
  • Parent Themes
  • WordPress Core

For parent themes (such as the Genesis Framework), we’ll usually update minor releases only, since major releases are very likely to break things. Usually it’s best to wait until you’re doing a full redesign rather than to update the major version of your theme. We also don’t normally update child themes, because customizations can be lost.

We will run updates approximately once each week. We also generally wait at least 2 days before an update is available before actually updating, since updates do sometimes introduce new bugs (so sometimes updates will be pending more than a week… but we’ve found it’s better to be cautious, and let other people find new bugs). However, if it’s a security update, we’ll do it ASAP!

Premium plugins typically require you to maintain an active license in order to receive updates; this add-on does not cover any of these licensing costs. If you have any plugins with expired licenses, we may not be able to update them for you. If we find any of those, we’ll reach out and work with you to figure out how best to proceed.

Please note that this add-on is different than upgrading to our “Inner Peace” support plan. It does not include Support Requests for things other than updates, nor any of the other features of the Inner Peace plan.