The “Just Tell Me What To Do” SEO Program

$475.00 / month for 6 months

Get actionable, easy-to-implement monthly SEO recommendations from the experts at TopHatRank!

Exclusively for NerdPress Clients, the “Just Tell Me What To Do” SEO Program from TopHat strives to make it as easy as possible for you to implement changes on your site that will yield quick improvements in search rankings.

After an initial review & strategy development, you’ll get customized, detailed recommendations each month for changes to make to your existing content, or strategic outlines for creating new content. We’ll also include optional keyword tracking so you can see the results — and an exclusive monthly group “office hours” call with Arsen & Andrew to help you stay on track.

Learn more below, and when you’re ready to go, sign up here!



Month 1: SEO Roadmap

In the first month, you’ll be in the “onboarding” phase while TopHatRank performs a content gap analysis to identify posts or topics to focus on for the program, producing your SEO Roadmap. This includes:

  • Onboarding
  • Google Search Console review
  • Google Analytics review
  • Topics and keywords review
  • Competitive Keyword GAP Analysis
  • SEO strategy/roadmap 
    • Posts to focus on
    • Topics to cover


Months 2 through 6: Monthly SEO Tasking For Two Topics/Pages

Now that you have a plan, each month TopHatContent’s team will deliver actionable tasks for you to implement. 

Based on the roadmap you developed, you will receive instructions on optimizing (updating) existing content, or specific SEO guidelines to follow when creating new content. (This will be two page-level recommendations, or two SEO content outlines, or one of each, based on your needs.)

These tasks include recommendations for the following:

  • Titles
  • Headings 
  • Keywords and topic focusing
  • Intent satisfaction
  • Questions to answer
  • Internal linking
  • Content expansion 
  • Content prioritization
  • Backlink suggestions
  • Links to similar content on competitor websites
  • And more!


Monthly Office Hour

Once each month, Arsen and Andrew will be available on Zoom for one hour to answer any SEO-related questions you may have. This exclusive, direct access will only be available to participants in this program. (If you don’t have any specific questions, you’ll be welcome to join in and learn from others’ questions.)

Keyword Tracking

It’s important to track how well this is going — so we’ll provide weekly keyword tracking reports for the target keywords being optimized, so you can see the improvements over time.

Your Commitment

Since it takes time for SEO changes to take effect, we want to be sure you’ll be committed to doing the work and appreciate that patience is required. Therefore, we ask for a six-month minimum commitment.

You’re also joining an elite set of early adopters!  This is a pilot program, and as such we may need to make some adjustments as we go, as we figure out what works best and is the most effective for you. So we ask for your patience and flexibility if any tweaks to the program are necessary.