WordPress Support Plan Lite

$240.00 / year and a $150.00 sign-up fee


This “Lite” version of our support plans is available for our clients with secondary, or smaller sites, that they’d like to be sure are protected as well.  It’s only available to those who already have a primary site on our Sleep Soundly, Inner Peace, or Zen Master plans.

This plan includes:

  • Nightly file & database backups (stored off-site for 90 days)
  • Security audit/hardening/proper configuration
  • The WebARX Security Plugin & Firewall
  • WP Rocket page caching and speed optimization
  • Help restoring from backups if ever needed
  • Help restoring from a hack/malware/etc if ever needed

This plan doesn’t include any support for anything outside of the above. Obviously, if the site gets hacked or you need to restore from a backup, that would be included, though!  🙂