Heads up! We have a waitlist at the moment. New Sleep Soundly and Inner Peace clients will start in mid-August — Zen Master clients can start right away.

Please sign up today to reserve your spot in the queue, and we’ll extend your first renewal date to offset any delay. If you have an issue that can’t wait, please contact us. Thanks for your patience, and we’re looking forward to working with you soon!

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Inner Peace

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Zen Master

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Sleep Soundly
Inner Peace
Zen Master
Nightly Backups to the CloudWe use two backup services (just to be extra-safe), and store them securely on Amazon’s Cloud Servers for at least 90 days.
Daily Security ScanningOur goal is to make sure your site never gets hacked. But if it does, our scanners will pick it up so we can help out right away.
Free Restore & Recovery AssistanceWe’ll help you restore from your backups – whether it’s your entire site, or you just need a single file that you accidentally deleted.
Security Audit & HardeningWe'll review your site for vulnerabilities, and harden it against attackers to help keep it from getting hacked.
Hacking Recovery AssistanceIf your site is ever compromised, we'll fix it. Simple as that.
Site Speed OptimizationWe'll install and optimally configure a premium caching and optimization plugin to speed up your site based on current best practices, including Core Web Vitals.
Cloudflare Enterprise Firewall & CDNThis puts a copy of your website on protected servers all over the world, so your content gets to your readers quicker. Not only does your site loads faster, but the firewall also blocks hackers and spambots!
Up to 750K pgviews /mo
Up to 3 million pgviews /mo
Up to 6 million pgviews /mo
Database OptimizationOver time, the WordPress database can get bloated and slow your site down. We'll clean up the junk, and then keep it nice and fast.
Private Knowledge BaseWe'll set up a private knowledge base directly in your WordPress dashboard, to help you get answers to your questions right away. (And you can also contact us directly from the knowledge base!)
Private Facebook CommunityYou'll get access to our private Facebook Group, just for our clients. This is a great way to augment our direct support, and work with successful publishers like yourself.
Quick Support Requests per monthNeed a quick hand? This includes any support request that takes 15 minutes or less to complete — such as adding a widget, advice on what plugin to use, replacing an image in your sidebar, or little code or style tweaks.
Up to 5/Month
Image OptimizationLarge images are a surefire way to bring your site's speed to a crawl. We'll custom-tailor an image optimization solution that's ideal for your site, including your existing library and new images going forward.
WordPress Core UpdatesLet us take care of those tedious updates for you.
WordPress Plugin UpdatesIf updates break anything, we'll fix it — usually before you even know it.
WordPress Parent Theme UpdatesWe'll update minor releases to your Parent theme, to help keep it running smoothly. (Note, we usually don't recommend updating Child themes unless absolutely necessary.)
24/7 Uptime MonitoringKnow if your site is down before your readers do! We'll check your site every 60 seconds, 24/7, and notify you if your site is unreachable. And you'll know if your host is really providing the service they promised.
Top Priority SupportJump the line! Your emails will be automatically tagged as "High Priority" in our system, and they'll move right to the top of the list,
Hourly BackupsIn addition to nightly backups, we'll back up your site every hour, so if something goes wrong we can roll back without missing a beat.
Google Search Console HelpAdd us to your Google Search Console account, and we'll make sure everything is set up properly – and we'll take action on any alerts to help you fix any issues as they arise.
Get Started Sooner!We sometimes limit the number of sites we set up each week, to ensure the highest level of support and service. Since the Zen Master plan is all about priority support, we maintain a shorter waitlist than for our Sleep Soundly and Inner Peace subscriptions. Please contact us for more details and exact timing.